How to Add Readers to HeyBeta

How to Add Readers To Heybeta

  1. Log into your Heybeta account
  2. Click on the book you would like to share with your Beta Readers
  3. Click on the “Readers” tab. 
  4. Click “Invite Readers”
  5. Insert the email of each one of your readers, separated by a comma. From there, you can add in a Message for your Beta readers that will be in the email they receive. You can also include instructions for your Beta readers in the instruction section. 
  6. You will not be able to invite new readers if you are on a free plan. The “Rising Star” star plan allows for 25 readers per book. The “Best Seller” plan allows for 100 readers per book. 
  7. After inviting your readers, you can check the status of your invites on the invites tab.

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