How to Create an Account

Creating an Account 

Step 1: There are two different ways to start an account with Heybeta:

a. By the email invite:

  1. In your email, you will find an invite email from the author to become their Beta-reader  with the subject line “[Author’s name] has requested your help on Heybeta.
  2. Click “Accept Invite” button to launch the Heybeta website.
  3. You will be led to the page with two options “Login” and “Register”. Click the “Register” button to start a new account with Heybeta.
  4. Continue to Step 2.

b. Through the website main page.

  1. Go to You will be taken to the Heybeta main page. To create a  new account go to “Register” section in the right upper corner.

Step 2:  Complete the registration form and press the “Register”  button. Make sure your passwords match! Your registration is complete now!

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