How to Manage Your Subscription

Update Your Plan

  1. To update your plan, click on your name in the top right corner, and go to “Settings”
  2. From there, select “Billing” 
  3. Click on “Change Plan” to update your HeyBeta plan.
  4. Select which plan suits your writing needs, and click “Get started”. You can toggle the yearly/monthly switch to view monthly and yearly plans.


  1. If you have a coupon code, you must use the code prior to the first time you put in your payment information. To do so, type the code into the textbox and click “Add Coupon”. Double check that it has been adding by looking for the blue text above your card information.
  2. Once you have input your payment information, click “Submit Payment” to upgrade to your new plan. 
  3. Track your payment progress from the Billing page. 

Changing Plans

  1. To change your plan, select “Change Plan” in the Billing section.
  2. Select your new plan and click “Update Plan”
  3. Click “confirm change” to switch to your new plan at the end of your next Billing Cycle. 


  1.  In order to downgrade your account, select “Change Plan” 
  2. Select “Downgrade to a Free Account” 
  3. Click “Yes, Downgrade My Account” to confirm your Downgrade.
  4. Your plan will be downgraded at the end of your next Billing cycle. To cancel your Downgrade, select “Cancel Downgrade”

Update Card Information

  1. To update your payment information, select “Update Card” in the Billing section.
  2. Input your new card and select “Update Card
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